Become an Affiliate Partner, Today! 

Help business owners in your community learn about ERC and earn a commission.

Become an Affiliate Partner, Today!

Help business owners in your community learn about ERC and earn a commission.

The average ERC deal that we process has 25 employees with an average credit amount of $275,000. Earn 20% commission on all ERC referrals when you partner with ABC Funding!

Discover What The Affiliate Partner Program Can Do For You!

Benefits of being an Affiliate Partner!

  • Earn commissions on your customers’ final ERC credit
  • Make significant passive income just by making warm introductions
  • Earn goodwill and credibility by informing your contact about the ERC program
  • We make the process easy by providing LIVE TRAINING & a complete marketing toolkit

You will be relieved to know that your job as a referral partner is not to learn the technical details of filing for ERC refunds. 

We have a team of specialists that takes care of all this, and our team works with precision to ensure that our clients recover every dollar that they are eligible for.

Your only job as a referral partner is to introduce an interested business owner to ERC Specialists, and their sales team will take it from there. 
In return, your commission is 20% of what ERC Specialists collects.

Here is an example of how much you can make as a referral partner. 
Let’s say you refer a qualifying business with 20 employees, which is pretty typical – many will have a lot more employees than that. With 20 employees, an organization can generally expect a credit of about $200,000.

ERC Specialists' fee would be 15% = $30,000
Your commission, 20% of ERC Specialists' fee = $6,000 

That's just ONE business! How many businesses like do you think you could refer in a month?

That of course depends on the amount of effort you are willing to put in. But even if you just sent out 10 emails a day to qualified organizations, you could probably help at least a couple of businesses like this every month. 
  • 20% commission
  • Review & Accept Terms

  • Click Get Started
  • Review & Accept Terms
  • LMS Learning Portal
  • Branded Marketing Materials
  • Contests, Prizes, & Bonuses 
  • Create Your OWN Affiliate Team!!